(817) 681-4811 registration@ltcelite.com


Step 1: Select the LTC Elite Membership Agreement and fill out the analysis template.

A. LTC Membership Agreement (PDF)

B. Client Profile & Analysis Template (XLSX) – This “NO CHARGE” service allows prospective GPO members to:

  • Submit details about their company and current pricing.
  • Identify which services they have in interest in.
  • Receive a cost benefit analysis back from LTC Elite to gauge their projected savings. This would be available after LTC Elite facilitates the bid process with its participating vendor members.

Step 2:

Print out the Membership Agreement and Affiliation documents and fill out each document completely. Please contact us with any questions.

Step 3: E-mail, Fax or Mail Completed Documents

E-mail completed documents to Registration@LTCElite.com OR
Fax to (817) 348-8934 OR
Mail both documents to LTC Elite Corporate Offices at:

LTC Elite
1320 S. University Dr.
Ste. 1015
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 681-4811

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